Future of Publishing
Publishing Industry

Future Of Publishing – Can the Industry Sustain in the Internet World?

Publishing Industry is facing significant challenges in the internet age of the twenty-first-century world. Most people believe that Publishing needs to evolve and survive in its traditional form is next to impossible. What direction should this industry take? What reformation are must for this evolution and transformation? Publishing can and will continue to flourish as the value of Quality and Unique content continues to grow, but substantial challenges must be met before this vision can be realized.

The most prevalent question in the minds of people associated with the publishing industry is what lies ahead in the internet age of the twenty-first-century world. Can Publishing even survive in its traditional form. And if a transformation of some sort…

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Future of Learning
Education Technology

Future of Learning – How Learning Models are Transforming

Though Education remains a crucial and driving force for the development of our country, a nuanced approach towards tackling Learning is required. New ‘effective’ Learning Models are required to keep pace with the 21st century. From online models to refined classroom approaches, the possibilities are endless.

Most people agree that the core driving force of development in any country or culture is Education. I agree wholeheartedly with the idea. But this subject is far more nuanced and in the twenty-first century, where technology is transforming the face…

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New Education Models
Education Technology

The Future Of Education In India

In the 21st Century, Education remains the key objective for most developing nations of the world. There is an immediate need in re-structuring our education models. A look at how the space of education tech is evolving and revolutionizing learning:

Similar to the most major developing nation in the world, India is currently facing a crisis of effective and skill-providing education to its vast pool of younger generation, ready to step into the real world. In the fast paced and rapidly…

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