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How to Build a Digital Culture

A booming “digital transformation” is an important part of the corporate world. Vikas Gupta, MD, Wiley India said that in order to adopt this digital revolution, one should implant with fresh thinking skills and collaborations. The digital transformation faces lots of challenges. These challenges are like “limited resource”, “poor customer relations”, “scarce co-operation” and so on. In order to run a successful organization or business, there is a need of developing an appropriate digital culture. There are many ways through which a business or an organization can build a proper digital culture. These are as follows:

  • “To define your business or organization’s digital principles or values.”
  • “Use of different technologies”
  • “To make your process perfect”
  • “Enable your people” and
  • “Arrange your business or organization with your principles or values.”

Let us now discuss the above points briefly.

To define your business or organization’s digital principles or values: it is important to understand that the digital culture is something beyond a simple technology. The values provided by the digital culture followed by all the members of a business or an organization. After that, these values will automatically guide the company’s culture because they can convey the salient features such as the main goals, industry’s objectives and its strategies. It is better for a company if it collaborates; develop connections, flexibility, shows transparency and certain adaptations. One should check the organization’s values and match them with major digital qualities in which your team is working on.

Use of different technologies: the increase in number of collaborative work, fruitful communication covering several functions, levels and units of the business or an organization leads to the successful development in the digital culture. There is always a need of upgraded tools in the digital culture so that the frequency of the work reaches at a higher level.

To make your process perfect: there is always a need of working in a creative and agile way. The members in an organization should know how to explore new ideas; creative ways of thinking, ready to try new technologies implied in an organization, they should know how to learn from errors, always ready to adopt themselves in a better environment.

Enable your people: The organization should develop certain training programs to train their members to acquire the digital culture. This is one of the crucial steps. The ineffective or zero training might cost an organization a lot. The members of different sections or levels are aware of this type of digital culture training. Sometimes, organizations organize digital trainings in the form of digital process, thinking process or through modern and new technologies etc.

Arrange your business or organization with your principles or values: it is important to make sure the proper arrangement of the digital values of an organization or business. It is important to take advantage of the chance that digital technologies offered using “result-oriented tools” etc. Arranging the big goals with creative ideas, simultaneously keeping digital values in mind, will definitely take the organization to a higher level.

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