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Vikas Gupta is the Managing Director (MD) of Wiley India. He is an award-winning Writer, Speaker and Thought Leader in the Education and Learning Industry.


Bridging the Gap between Conceptual and Contextual Learning

BW Education, Business World, July 2018

Conceptual Learning has long dominated the landscape of Indian Education, and perhaps, this is the reason we find ourselves at a standstill. The prevailing disconnection has significantly capped the prospects of a job for a graduating student and its effects multiply for degrees such as engineering, which demands technical or contextual experience to succeed in the industry. My thoughts on how we can bridge the gap between Conceptual and Contextual Learning, in Business World’s July 2018 Issue.


Can Restructuring The Curriculum Help Professionals Embrace Industry 4.0?

Hindustan Times, June 2018

The Fourth Industrial Revolution, Industry 4.0- the era of automation and the use of cyber-physical things and cognitive computing is here and our students, the future workforce needs to be prepared for it. To tackle this problem, we should start where we can bring the most concrete change- College Education.
My thoughts on this topic, in Hindustan Times.


Our Education System Needs A Methodical Overview

Business World, May 2018

For India, like most other developing nations, education is at the heart of almost all the social objectives. Be it better access to medical services or jobs; education plays a crucial role in defining our future. There is a dire need of new education models and latent methodologies in our education system. My views on the same, in this Business World Article.


Wiley Plans to Make India its Global R&D powerhouse

Print Week India, March 2018

John Wiley and Sons is bullish on India, its third largest market in Asia, and will continue to invest in the future of research and learning here. The global major recently celebrated its 210th anniversary worldwide. Vikas Gupta, Managing Director, Wiley India, said, “As part of our continued investments and engagements with our stakeholders, Wiley has recently shifted to a new office space and will be hosting local forums as part of our growing market presence. We foresee India as the hub of innovation where new means of learning and content will be developed for other parts of the world.” 


Reshaping the Future of Education

Higher Education Review, March 2018

India is currently facing a crisis of job-ready and outcome-oriented education. The millennials want education to be available anytime, accessible anywhere and personalized. I shared my views on the Future of Education with The Higher Education Review Magazine.


How Digitisation is disrupting Libraries

Deccan Herald, March 2018

In the library and information science landscape these days, the community is abuzz with terms like digital libraries, electronic libraries, and hybrid libraries. The future of libraries, as an institute, is in our hands – authors, publishers, and readers. Disruptive technologies will continue to emerge and change our behavior. Read my full article on the topic ‘How Digitisation is disrupting Libraries’, covered in Deccan Herald.


Sameer Dhanjani writes a new book on executing AI, Analytics Strategies

Analytics India Magazine, February 2018

The book launch event of one of the most noted names in the world of Analytics and Data Science — Sameer Dhanrajani took place in Banglore. Peter Wiley (Chairman Emeritus, Wiley), Matthew S. Kissner (Chairman of the Board, Wiley) and Vikas Gupta (MD, Wiley India) were present during the event.


Future of Publishing: Printing to Platforms

All About Publishing, February 2018

Future of Publishing lies in how well publishers can create a solution that can go up the value chain. I shared my views on the Future of Publishing in this story with All About Publishing. Go to Page 10 to read the full story.


The Human Touch

India Today Aspire, January 2018

The path to innovative thinking is through the exposure to a diverse set of experiences. From traveling to absorbing different cultures, from meeting new people to encountering challenging ideas, each new experience gives us a fresh new perspective and isn’t that what innovative thinking is all about? Read more about my thoughts in the India Today Aspire Story.


Wiley India- Q&A with Vikas Gupta

India Today Aspire, September 2017

From talking about the new learning models for the future of education, I shared my views on a variety of topics in this interview with India Today Aspire.


Behind the cover of a Business book

Mint, June 2013

Management book covers are a study in the art of conveying more with less. Read more about my thoughts on the perfect cover of a Business Book in this Mint Story.


Interview with Business World

Business World, February 2011