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Reskilling today for tomorrow

The word “re-skilling” means “to learn new skills,” says Vikas Gupta, MD, Wiley India. With the rapid speed of globalization and industrialization, the shelf life of the ability to do something or expertise is shrinking day by day. Is there any way to shield yourself from this type of situation in the corporate world? Yes, definitely. We can always re-skill ourselves with time or in parallel. This is the only solution to today’s problem.

As we all know that learning is an evolving process. During our schooling period, graduation and higher studies, we used to learn and develop new ideas in different fields. The knowledge we used to acquire either through books, internet or through our mentors, professors and supervisors. After that, a student pursues his or her passion in a particular area and within a couple of years, acquires expertise over that. Gradually, that person becomes master of that particular area. Later on, he or she passes it on to the next generation and this is how the whole process takes place. But now the whole process is morphed. In today’s competitive world, there are no masters! The skills which we are learning and acquiring today are becoming useless tomorrow.

Let us discuss one practical situation, for the better understanding of this problem. One of the sales representatives of a reputed company was a real victim of this problem. She was really good at her work. She used to be an expert in “cold calls”.  But to meet the rapid spread of industrialization, that company moves towards a new sales methodology from the traditional sales methodology. She was an expert in the traditional sales methodology. This made her position in danger. The shrinkage in shelf-life of a particular skill was observed in this case.The only solution to this problem is to acquire more skills and re-skill ourself. This would further well-equipped us with different skills to meet new challenges in our workplace.

Re-skilling does not mean to join universities again! This is a parallel process of learning. We have to understand the future direction of our work and based on that we should start learning in parallel.We need to start developing new skills related to our work so that we can meet new challenges in our workplace. This would help us to sustain.Sometimes, it is better to develop ideas in different aspects because most of the people work in an interdisciplinary fields. There are multiple learning platforms related to this process. A person can avail MOOCs online; they can participate in different projects, workshops, certified courses, hand-on-trainings, hackathons, and case-based projects and so on. These are the best possible ways to re-skill while working. The re-skilling process is an important way to learn, develop and acquire new skills. It is not only important for the employees and also for the employers of an organization. Likewise, the organization should also come up with different kinds of learning projects for the employees working in. Hence, this would further help the organization to stay ahead of the competitive curve.

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